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The SIMPLY. Advantages at a glance


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Time savings

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Fast discharging

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Cost savings

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Less staff

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  • Considerably improved work safety
  • CE marking & TÜV tested
  • Load securing outside the container already
  • No damage to goods during the loading process
  • No persons in the container during the loading process
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Time savings

  • Loading process needs only ten minutes
  • Fast and easy securing of the load
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  • Greater availability of ISO-standard 20, 40 and 45 foot containers
  • Possible to pre-pick and load directly on to the SIMPLY.™
  • Loading requires only one forklift truck
  • The SIMPLY.™ can be easily relocated at any time
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Fast discharging

  • With the complementary DIS Discharge System
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Cost savings

  • No need for specially designed containers
  • Special packaging needed for open-top container shipping is no longer necessary
  • Requires only one forklift truck
  • No additional forwarder handling costs
  • No open-top container required, savings of up to € 1,500 per container
  • No forwarder detention costs
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Less staff

  • Only two operators required
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  • Safety
  • Time savings
  • Flexibility
  • Fast discharging
  • Cost savings
  • Less staff

The SIMPLY. Solution

This situation is surely familiar to you: your product is heavy, long and bulky. Your customer is waiting desperately for the delivery of his goods and you are under enormous pressure to load the container because the freight forwarder is also threatening to charge detention fees.

Loading your products using open-top containers is from now on a thing of the past. IBS Technics has developed a simple and efficient solution for just such cases: no matter what is being loaded, whether it is wood, pallets, pipes, thread rods or whether you are involved in project business - with the new SIMPLY.™ Container Filler you can load your bulky freight fast and safely. The SIMPLY.™ can be used universally and is suitable for loading a variety of materials.

The SIMPLY.™ Container Filler is a semi-automated loading device with a height-adjustable base frame for standard sea containers. It can be directly docked on to the sea container. The base frame supports the lifting frame, on which the corresponding pallet is placed. The goods can then be pre-picked and loaded on to this pallet quickly and safely. Using a bevel-gear drive motor and double-sided chain, the raised lifting frame can be transported into the container in just a few minutes. The lifting frame can be lowered and removed from the container just as quickly. The loaded pallet remains inside the container.

No matter which industry you come from: you can dispense with open-top containers completely when you have the SIMPLY.™

The SIMPLY. Designs

Three different sea containers - three SIMPLY.™ designs.

The right size for every sea container: with the SIMPLY.™ you can load any standard sea container.

» The compact expert - SIMPLY.™ 20

» The medium-sized allrounder - SIMPLY.™ 40

» The big multitalent - SIMPLY.™ 45

Technical information

The SIMPLY. Applications

Whether wood, pallets, pipes or thread rods: the SIMPLY.™ Container Filler helps you to load any kind of material. Our SIMPLY.™ is suitable for a variety of industries and products:

  • Drilling industry, pipes and thread rods
  • Flood defense
  • Machine and system producers
  • Facade and profile producers
  • Timber industry

The DIS Discharge System

Discharging your products is now just as fast as loading your products with the SIMPLY.™ Container Filler.

Container discharging can be so simple: cost-saving, fast, flexible and safe. What is true for container loading with the SIMPLY.™ Container Filler, is equally true for discharging. To save even more time, IBS developed its own system for discharging containers which were loaded using the SIMPLY.™ Container Filler: the DIS Discharge System.

The SIMPLY. References

What our customers say

100% recommendable!

"Before purchasing the SIMPLY.™ we used to load our goods using open-top containers and cranes. This led to many employee accidents and injuries. With the SIMPLY.™ we are flexible - and a big additional factor is the time we save. If a truck is delayed, for example, the pre-picking means that the overall handling time is much faster and safer as a result of efficient loading. We can fully recomend the SIMPLY.™ - 100%. We are already talking about buying the DIS Discharge System."

Klaus Weltner, Head of Production and Purchasing at Klaus Multiparking

Definitely worth the buy!

"We use the SIMPLY.™ for loading drilling tools. Before we heard of the innovative solution offered by SIMPLY.™ Logistic Systems, we used to use open-top containers, which meant we also had to order a crane. My expectations for the SIMPLY.™ have been completely met. The investment has definitely been worthwhile."

Gerrit Büttner, Materials Manager at Boart Longyear


"We deliver the world´s largest urban cable car system to La Paz, Bolivia. Due to the huge loading volumes we decided to search the market for ways of optimising our processes. And we discovered the company IBS Technics and were given a SIMPLY.™ 40 live demonstration loading containers in South Germany. We were immediately fascinated by the ease and simplicity of the loading. We have purchased two systems and further machines to be deployed worldwide will follow."

Egon Vögel, Head of Department for Storage, Shipping and Transport at Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

The SIMPLY. News

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The SIMPLY.™ solution created by IBS Technics.

Never before was container loading as simple as efficient.


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